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the trance empire clubbers choice


Each week Rodman invites you to vote for your favourite tracks from The Trance Empire's latest show.

Have your say and vote for the tracks that really got your blood pumping.

To vote, please log in or register a new account.

The Clubber's Choice voting choices do not include the current Clubber's Choice track or the Classic Selection

  • ​HEO - Love Stimulation (Ben Gomori's Brotherly Love Reboot) [Hooj Choons]

  • Taufiq Azam - D'arce (SKYDA Remix) [Addictive Sounds]

  • Sendr - Can't Forget You [Enhanced Progressive]

  • N-sKing - Summer Nights [Neostatics Vision]

  • KayZen & Social Mistake - There For You [Addictive Sounds]

  • Midway - Amazon (Sean Tyas Remix) [In Trance We Trust]

  • Lost Witness, Malene - Red Summer Sky [Find Your Harmony]

  • Pierre Pienaar - Catori [Magic Island Elevate]

  • Sam Cydan - As We Soldier On [Cydana Sounds]

  • DJ T.H., Rebecca Louise Burch, FAWZY - Forever (Christopher Corrigan Remix) [Future Sequence]

  • Syntouch - Key & Rose [Butterfly Music]

  • Liam Melly, Angelus, JSKA - Unbroken [Nocturnal Knights Music]

  • Will Rees, Tara Greene - Spiralling [Subculture]

  • James Dymond - Strikefast [FSOE]

  • Transa - Supernova (Binary Finary Remix) [Covert]

  • JINGYAN - Full Moon [RockRiver]

  • Ronski Speed - Vigo [FSOE] Sonia Douglas - December 22 (Rodman's Blinding Lights Remix) [Gold Standard]

  • Vapour Trail - Periapsis [FSOE]

  • Woody Van Eyden, Alex Kudrow - Just Bounce Up [In Trance We Trust]

  • Darix, ILYIN - Eridana [Redux 138]

  • KINETICA - Days Like These [High Voltage]

  • Semper T. - Torrid [Beyond The Stars Reborn]

  • Robert Curtis - Vulnera Sanentur [Regenerate]

  • N-sKing, CO1N - Ultramarine [Digital Society]

  • Allan Berndtz - Inside Your Own Head [Future Sequence]

  • Jackob Roenald, Mike Moor - Identity [Monster Force]

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