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Sonia Douglas Guestmix

sonia douglas guestmix the trance empire

For The Trance Empire Guestmix this week we welcome Romanian DJ & Producer Sonia Douglas as she delivers an exclusive one hour mix.

Sonia's forthcoming release 'December 22' on Gold Standard Recordings has been remixed by Rodman and played four times on The Trance Empire. It has also been voted and played as the Clubber's Choice Track of the Week on TTE251. 'December 22' will have an official release in December 2022.


  • Al Sebastian - Digital Paradise [Magic Trance]

  • 2passion - Legends [Redux]

  • Lee Stavers - We Still See Ghosts [Transcendence]

  • Prox - Afterlife [Always Alive]

  • Sienna Collective - Ocaso (Sasha Van Laur Remix) [Premier League]

  • Jacob Ireng - Nobody [Piovra]

  • Terra V. - Tears Of The Past [Redux]

  • Access 69 - Sometime [Redux]

  • Made Of Light - Valar Morghulis [D.Max]

  • Atmospherika - Biosfera (Magnetic Resonance Remix) [Skyline Digital]

  • Solar-B - Adrenalina [Numen]

  • William Arist - Resurrection [Perseverancia]

  • Zetacode - Silent Scream [Alien Technology]

About Sonia Douglas:

Sonia Douglas is a Romanian producer and DJ from Bucharest.

Born in 1998, she grew up with various genres throughout the late-90’s and the 2000’s, from trance and techno, to house and even 80’s post-disco/pop, which would later help cement her love for music. With the rise of indie dance/nu-disco around 2012-2013, she began considering a career in music, first starting with DJ sets. In 2015, she took a step forward and started music production and in 2018, she included trance in her productions, among other genres.

Sonia kept working on and improving her productions until 2021 when she had her first release. Sonia has now fully embarked on her trance journey, which was one of her goals from the start.

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