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The Trance Empire 330

All new music this week from Sashtek, Sean Tyas, Brent Rix, Nytigen, U-Mount, RayD8, 0Gravity, Laucco and many more.

TTE330 Tracklist:

Driftmoon - Prime Example [Black Hole]

Peter Mikkola - Vigour [Gold Standard]

DuKa - Sweat Blood Tears [Gold Standard]

Sashtek - Halving [Gold Standard]

Sean Tyas & Enigma State - Lately [I Like It Pure]

Diabllo - Step By Step [High Contrast]

David Forbes - Breakout (Paul Denton Remix) [Aria]

Kenny McAuley - Astral Dimension [High Voltage]

Rodman - Solarstorm [Gold Standard]

Brent Rix - Echoes [Regenerate]

Dermot Kirby - Rough Around The Edges [Aerodynamica Music]

NyTiGen, Ria Joyse - Believe [2Rock]

MurZo - Libra [FSOE]

James Kitcher Adam Taylor Tara Louise - Reflection (Uplifting Mix) [High Voltage]

Corrie Theron - Surreal [Magic Island Elevate]

Hassan Jewel, Transient - Eris [FSOE]

U-Mount - El [Aerodynamica Music]

Rodman - Tidal Wave [Gold Standard]

Pinkque & That Girl - Breathe Fire [Reason II Rise]

RayD8 - Vapor [Aerodynamica Music]

Ana Criado - Fallen Angel 2.0 [Amsterdam Trance]

OWL - Luminary [Reason II Rise]

0Gravity - In My Mind [Reason II Rise]

TTE Track of the Week

Aly & Fila, Ferry Tayle, Cris Grey - Concorde (Cris Grey Remix) [Fables]

Laucco - Teshio [Aerodynamica Music]

Nicholson Ed Lynam - Phenomena [High Voltage]

TTE Classic Selection

Katana - Fancy Fair [Silver Premium 2001]


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