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State72 Guestmix

state72 guestmix the trance empire

For The Trance Empire Guestmix this week we welcome Finnish DJ & Producer State72 as he delivers an exclusive one hour mix.

State72's track 'Dark Mind' on Monster Force was supported by Rodman on The Trance Empire episode 234 as the Track of the Week. 'Dark Mind' also featured in Rodman's 'Forged In Steel Chart Compilation Mix'.


  • Cosmic Gate - Follow You Anywhere [Black Hole]

  • Signalrunners - Meet Me in Montauk (Judah Mix) [Anjunabeats]

  • Leonard A & Nuestro - Second Face [Elliptical Sun]

  • Ahmed Helmy - Afterlife [Armind]

  • State72 - Awakening [Progressive Vibes Music]

  • By Xavier - Elysium (H.X.E. Remix) [Elpida Music]

  • Ashley Wallbridge & Bodine - Flashing Lights [Find Your Harmony]

  • AK & Evan Henzi - I Don't Know [Black Hole]

  • Daxson- 7th Dimension [Coldharbour]

  • State72 - Dark Mind [Monster Force]

  • Allen Watts vs. Yoshi & Razner - Bohemia [Who's Afraid Of 138?!]

  • BIXX - Do the Right Thing [Nocturnal Knights Music]

  • Inversed - Everything [One Forty Music]

About State72:

Finnish trance producer State72 became interested in playing music when the trash metal scene was born. At the time, great bands like Anthrax, Death Angel, Testament and Metallica released their first albums, which inspired him to start playing drums in his own band, following the style of those metal bands. However, this was more fun than taking music seriously, anyhow it created a lifelong interest in making and playing music.

In later years, electronic music attracted interest due to its strong energy, awesome sounds and melodies. Inspired by this, he bought the first synthesisers to start making his own music. Years passed with daily work, family and sports such as basketball, until last year he decided to spend more time making music. Hard work was noticed and the first track called 'Euphoria' was released in May 2022. A little later, State72's best known and most played track 'Dark Mind' was released.

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