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The Trance Empire 270

Rodman's got an absolutely epic two hours of Trance in store for you this week, with three of his own productions and new music from Robert B, Davey Asprey, A.R.D.I., Syntouch and Ramin Arab... TTE270 is going to be huge!

Join Rodman on YouTube every Saturday for The Trance Empire premiere:

7pm UK, 8pm CET, 11am PST, 1pm CST, 2pm EST

TTE270 Tracklist:

DJ T.H., Sharon Valerona - Catch You When You Fall [AVA]

Robert B - Still See The Stars (Leonard A Remix) [Addictive Sounds]

TTE Clubber's Choice

Daniel Kandi, Kebu - Perplexagon Part 3 (Daniel Kandi Remix) [ZYX TRANCE]

Freak E Beatz - The Journey [Coldharbour]

Davey Asprey - Edgerunners [Damaged]

TTE Track of the Week

Ultimate, AlexSo, TimAir - Catharsis [Infrasonic Pure]

Rodman - Maelstrom [White Label]

Roman Messer - Need To Feel Loved [Suanda Music]

A.R.D.I., MILLEY - Better [AVA White]

Rodman - When Galaxies Collide [White Label]

Farnoodex - Sweet Dreams [Illumination Sound]

Talla 2xlc, Tillman Uhrmacher - On The Run (Talla 2XLC Remix) [Technoclub Retro]

Darren O'Brien, Violet Dolivo - Forbidden Love [High Voltage]

Mariano Mancini - The Four Suns [Phoenix]

NyTiGen & Ria Joyse - Enlightened (Dub Mix) [Aerodynamica Music]

Raz Nitzan, Ellie Lawson - The Light In Our Heart [Amsterdam Trance]

Rodman - Afterlife [White Label]

Dan Kingsley - Thalassa [Extrema Global Music]

Sam Cydan - Never Far From Here [FSOE]

Tara Louise, Greg Oakland - Never Temporary [FSOE]

M.I.K!, D.J.G. - My Soul [Premier League]

Syntouch - A.L.I.E. [Butterfly Music]

Lisa Louder, JODIE POYE - Safe Place (Craig Connelly Remix) [Subculture]

Ramin Arab - Eternity [Last State]

Michael Kaelios - Sunblast [Regenerate]

TTE Classic Selection

Gouryella - Walhalla [Tsunami 1999]

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