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The Trance Empire 220

In light of world events, this show is dedicated to the people of Ukraine. Everyone involved with The Trance Empire stands with you. We hold you in our thoughts and prayers.


NrgMind - Star Flight [Defcon]

Farnoodex - New Cycle [InfraRed]

Talla 2xlc - Serenity [That's Trance]

Rodman's Hottest Track

Mario Moon, Dave AirmaX - Overnight (Christopher Corrigan Remix) [Suanda Voice]

Rodman - Spaceman [Gold Standard]

Nico Cranxx - Bahaya [Nocturnal Knights Fusion]

Daniel Skyver - We Go Again [FSOE]

Alatheia - Task Force [Reason II Rise Music]

Global Influence - Shadow Strike [Ablazing]

CubeTonic - Sense Of Gravity [Unique Sense]

Laura May, Mickey Marr, MAYMARR - Incapacitated [HTE]

Rodman - Freight Train [Gold Standard]

Sygma - Grahan (Sali Remix) [Beyond The Stars]

Allen Watts, Gid Sedgwick - Life's Unfair [High Voltage]

Seán Beresford - The Day The Earth Stood Still [Kinected]

TTE Clubber's Choice

Peter Miethig - True Paradise [Always Alive]

Kenny Palmer - Raven Hill [Trancespired]

Ed Sánchez - Southern Winds [Last State]

Andy Graham - Limitless [Tranceformer]

Arbe & Dann - Nostalgic [Digital Society]

Christopher Corrigan, Nadi Sunrise - I Can't Help Myself [AVA White]

Rodman - Lightwave [Gold Stanadrd]

TTE Classic Selection

Jose Amnesia - The Eternal [Eve Nova 1999]

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1 comentário

27 de fev. de 2022

Sending all my love to the people of Ukraine, this one's for you. R x

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