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The Trance Empire 251

It's business as usual this week as Rodman returns to The Trance Empire for episode 251! After two weeks of TTE Specials we're back to bringing you the very latest and best in Trance music from all around the world.

Join Rodman every Saturday for The Trance Empire live: 7pm UK, 8pm CET, 11am PST, 1pm CST, 2pm EST


Deep Fog, Djiva - Out Of This World [Entrancing Music]

DJ T.H., Deirdre McLaughlin - Over and Over Again [Black Hole]

Simon Leon - Friends Apart [AVA]

Danilo Ercole - Controle [Addictive Sounds]

Markus Schulz, Arkham Knights - Vanderbilt [Coldharbour]

TTE Clubber's Choice

Sonia Douglas - December 22 (Rodman Remix) [Gold Standard]

Ozo Effy - Brightning [Suanda True]

Denise Rivera, Stargazers - It Only Takes One (To Say Goodbye) [Amsterdam Trance]

Richard Durand - Tabu Soru [Nocturnal Knights Music]

Rodman - When Galaxies Collide [Gold Standard]

Chris Schweizer - My Mind [A State of Trance]

Harshil Kamdar - Coming Home (Steve Dekay Remix) [GO MUSIC]

Talla 2xlc - The Electric Nature [Technoclub Retro]

Kenny Palmer - Sha'tari [Nocturnal Knights Music]

Rodman's Hottest Track

Allen Watts - Impulse [Who's Afraid Of 138?!]

Ray Reverse - Strawnana [Regenerate]

Ralphie B, Frank Waanders - Punching The Air [FSOE]

Raul Alex I. - In The Mountains [Estrella]

Zuif - Vigo Nights [Auditory]

Rodman - Avalanche [Gold Standard]

RayD8 - Titan [State Control]

Paipy - Wonder [Monster Neos]

Inrayzex - Autumn [Suanda True]

Rene Ablaze, Claas Inc. - Corpus Callosum [Nocturnal Knights Fusion]

TTE Classic Selection

Maura Picotto - Pulsar (Megamind Mix) [BXR 2002]

Vote for your favourite track of this week's show as the Clubber's Choice


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